• Falls Prevention, Improving Balance and Strength

  • What can we do to help?

    We provide in home-based physiotherapy services for seniors in York Region, primarily in Aurora and Newmarket area. For more information or to make an appointment, you can reach us at (416) 454-8848

  • Falls Prevention, Improving Balance and Strength

  • According to Canadian Physiotherapy Association "approximately 30% of older adults will fall at least once each year."

    Falls are a major cause of injury and disability in elderly. According to a report from a study the majority of accidental deaths in older people are due to falls. Just the fear of a second or more falls can reduce activity levels and result in increased problems with weakness and balance leading to increased risk of falling.

    As physiotherapists we will help to reduce risk of falling in older adults by prescribing  specific exercises, activities and interventions. 

    We will also  aid an older adult’s to improve their balance and strength and  return to optimal function after a fall.